PROJECT Reconstruction of city market Skadarlija into multi-purpose city square with mobile green market
PROJECT TYPE Preliminary architectural and urban planning design – Competition
SIZE 35000m2
CLIENT Public Utility Company Belgrade City Markets, Belgrade, Serbia
LOCATION Belgrade, Serbia
YEAR 2009.

The theme of the city green market and city square as a flexible space represents a more contemporary approach to designing city spaces. Design concept is based on forming an emptied space full of contents, space with significant degree of flexibility, adaptability, ability to transform…
Level -3 – garage with capacity of app. 300 parking places
Level -2 – garage with capacity of app. 300 parking places
Level -1 – the core of this level represents a green market with stands for the sales of groceries – dairy products, meat, fish, bakeries…
Level 0 – multifunctional plateau – air trapped between two platforms, space in the function of events, empty space equipped with a network of contents and happenings: lanterns, benches, pillars – trees, luminries, stands, panels, flags… which support fast changes of day/night, weekdays/weekend activities… so the green market becomes a place of social gatherings for different users, a place with a mobile projection hall, mobile cafe, mobile gallery in the open…