PROJECT New Belgrade kiosk - axaxa
PROJECT TYPE Preliminary architectural design – Competition
SIZE 2.5x2.5x2.5m
CLIENT Municipality of New Belgrade
LOCATION New Belgrade, Serbia
YEAR 2005.

As a part of New Belgrade kiosk was created to belong to its surroundings by shape, form is reduced to a cube sized 2.5×2.5×2.5m. It is an element of street furniture, deprived of all details and surplus design, its character is minimized to the effect of a cube sculpture while it is closed, and the effect of light from within while opened.
The kiosk’s function is reduced to its basic purpose: sales of a large number of items on a small space. All of this is packed into this cube’s space. There is not a single element to protrude out of its overall dimensions, and by incisioning the cube, a show case and show panel are created, but also a shelter from the sun and the rain.
Shape reduction is enhanced with texture embossed into the material (in the form of signs that can be used for advertising or informative only), giving to the kiosk the effect of a modern prefabricated product, an element of industrial production.