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Two houses

Mountain Zlatibor, Serbia, 2021.

Villa Kremna

Kremna, Tara, Serbia, 2021.

4 Houses Zlatibor

Zlatibor, Serbia, 2020

Residential Building Zlatibor

Zlatibor, Serbia, 2020

Modern cabins complex

Zlatibor, Serbia, 2020

Reconstruction of an Attic

Uzice, Serbia, 2020

Interior of an Apartment

Uzice, Serbia, 2018

Reconstruction of an Office to Residential Buiding

Uzice, Serbia, 2018

Extension of a Family and reconstruction of a Holiday Home

Barajevo, Serbia, 2018

Mini complex of 2 holiday homes

Zaovine Lake, Tara, Serbia, 2018

Reconstruction of an Apartment with Garden

Belgrade, Serbia, 2017

Reconstruction of an Apartment

Miklosiceva St., Belgrade, Serbia, 2014

Reconstruction of an Apartment

Užice, Serbia, 2012

Reconstruction of an Apartment

D. Tucovića St., Užice, Serbia, 2012

Residential building Međaj Plaža

Međaj, Užice, Serbia, 2012.

Holiday house with 2 apartment units

mountain Tara, Serbia, 2010.

Residental building

Užice, M. Tešića St., Serbia, 2008-2009.

Residential complex buildings 5 and 6

Obrenovac, Serbia, 2007.

Holiday house with 3 apartment units

Zlatibor, Serbia, 2007.

Residential building

Niš, Serbia, 2005.

100 residential units for healthy living

Užice, Serbia, 2003.

Holiday house

Bar, Montenegro, 2000.